Monday, November 30, 2015

chum chums

Chum chum is actually a cooler which is made out of Dates and its my niece's all time favourite. Here iam happy to share this with you all.


Black Dates - 5
Natura Sugar free - 1 cube
Milk - 1 cup
Ice cream - 1 scoop
Chopped Dates - 1 Tablespoon


Blend dates, Sugar free and  Milk in a blender till frothy. then garnish with a scoop of ice cream and add chopped nuts and slurp offf....

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Visit to Melbourne

I Love Melbourne for many reasons. Melbourne is the capital city and also a very populous city in Australia.

I heard my friends saying  the melbourne is a city of fashion boutiques, galleries, parks and village-like inner suburbs.

I love to visit the following places.

1. The landmark Regent Theatre
2.Hosier Lane.
3.Shrine of Remembrance
4.Yarra River.
5.Lygon Street south of Elgin

you can get more details in Come alive in melbourne or you can browse through Australia website.
"which of  these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?"

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A sunday with Univercell syc People

My daughter forced me to register for Univercell sync in chennai. So i went along with her on a lazy sunday to the venue at Nungambakkam, chennai.
it was a wonderful experience at UniverCell Sync.
I saw an interesting arrangements and sections in which the store was divided and that whole layout gives me feel and an understanding how well these people know this industry and user requirement and needs.
The sections were:

Point and Shoot section
Work and Play section
Budget Bazzar section
New and Noteworthy section
Kids section section
sync section
 These sections gives clear information about the gadgets and a wonderful feeling to me.
I was amazed by the wonderful hospitality of the Univercell Sync squad.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Mom's Special Dish

Today iam gonna try my mom's special dish... Banana Buns...
have you heard about this???come lets taste this dish with me...
this buns could be made with little ingredients that gives rich taste...
so let me take the ingredients first which is Bananas,Sugar,Salt,Curd,Maida and Oil.

then i mashed bananas adding sugar and salt and then curd,later stirring in maida and mixed well into a stiff dough.then added oil and mixed again then left  it to ferment for 4 hours and then rolled the dough into puris and started deep fry in oil. the aroma spread everywhere and kids who were studying in living room ran to kitchen sniffing that iam preparing something special for them. then i served them with chutney. then we all enjoyed it well

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Ring the bell for women

Violence against women has become a regular news in the media.why is all this incidents happening everywhere.Are we women weaker we are not.we are equally strong like any other man.then why are we keeping mumb.Enough is enough,We cant take this kinda violance against women anymore.So Come lets stand together and raise our voice and  'Ring the Bell'  with Indichange...

My Party at home

My Husband got transfered to Hyderabad and He has to go to Hyderabad on the Birthday of our little daughter.So I have planned to celebrate my Little angel's Birthday at home so that after celebrating the party he can leave to the station to catch the train and I can pack things for him easily. Fortunately the kitchens of India came to my rescue to host a wonderful party.

I purchased Balloons and color papers and decorated the house beautifully with lots of Fresh flowers.
i want her  every birthday should remain as a special birthday ever. I and my husband ordered a very special Barbie doll Birthday cake which she will love a lot.

I invited all her little friends and neighbours.First i have distributed Birthday caps and face masks to all the kids.Then I Served more glasses of Pineapple juice to all the guests as a starter and phulkhas to serve with mughalai paneer and rice to serve with chicken dharbari and tasty hyderabadi chicken biryani mix from kitchens of India i got moong dal halwa and hazoori petha halwa to sweeten the tastebuds of the guestes.
It was a wonderful party that my lovely daughter enjoyed with her friends and had a gala time.

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